Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Cameron Poetzscher’s Impressive Business Career

Cameron Poetzscher
If you Googled Cameron Poetzscher recently, you would likely find that he is currently the Head of Corporate Development at technology company Uber, which has come to dominate the ride sharing segment of that sector. This is not surprising to those who have followed his career. After years in business, he has developed a reputation as someone more than capable of doing his best work in the most stressful and challenging situations imaginable. Most praise him for his ability to bring a highly creative and analytical approaches to problem-solving and decision-making, regardless of the situation.

While many business executives seem to wilt under intense pressure, Cameron Poetzscher actually seems to do his best work under the most difficult conditions. In fact, a major aspect of Cameron's experience has come from his intense focus on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors of the economy. In particular, he seems to have been most drawn to the entertainment and Internet areas, which is probably why he seemed so attractive to a high-flying company like Uber.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Problem Solver, Cameron Poetzscher

From his position as the Head of Corporate Development for Uber, which has become one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world, Cameron Poetzscher has found a great many ways to leverage his significant reputation as an executive who is more than willing to engage in the toughest of negotiations and make sure they are successful. In fact, most will say that he does most of his best work under conditions that would have many others running for cover.

Cameron Poetzscher has earned that reputation over many years, and it’s not just because of his proven finance, operational and deal-making experience. What makes him a highly regarded executive is his uncanny problem-solving skills. He has often demonstrated a tendency to approach complex problems in a highly creative and analytical manner, and his peers see that Cameron Poetzscher has a tendency to come through in the clutch. He has another tendency that draws praise, based on his ability to get results in cases where others simply cannot.

The reason he is able to leverage so much skill probably comes from his impressive experience when it comes to leading difficult negotiations. He also has a lot of experience in many other areas, such as structuring partnerships and handling mergers and acquisitions. During his long, 17-year stint at Goldman Sachs, Cameron Poetzscher, who was working as a global investment specialist, worked with a great many clients, including some of the most innovative and iconic names in the tech business, as well as many in the Fortune 50. He handled many, many deals in that time, on five continents, which prepared him for his position helping to build international tech giant Uber.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Uber Leader Cameron Poetzscher Can Do It All

As the Head of Corporate Development for technology company Uber, Cameron Poetzscher uses his wide range of experience and significant reputation as an executive with proven finance, operational and deal-making experience to make his company better. He has led many difficult negotiations, structured partnerships and acquisitions and made many deals.

Before he made his mark with Uber, Mr. Poetzscher had a very long career as a difference-maker, after 17 years with Goldman Sachs, where he was a global investment professional. At Goldman, he provided investment advice and guidance to some of the most sophisticated and demanding clients anywhere, including Fortune 50 companies and pre-IPO start-ups backed by leading venture capital firms. He has worked on many complex high-profile mergers and acquisition transactions, IPOs and other financings.

Cameron Poetzscher's long career has primarily centered on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, especially the Internet and entertainment areas, but he also has considerable experience working with companies in a number of other fields, including the financial, healthcare, consumer products, natural resources, industrial, and real estate areas. His experience is international; he’s done deals on five continents.

Before his career at Goldman Sachs, Cameron Poetzscher worked hard to get an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School. After that, he worked on that school's Finance Faculty for a time, where he engaged in research and case-writing, with a focus on derivatives, hedging and liability management. If nothing else, he is a problem solver, who tends to do his best work when he's placed into high-pressure, challenging situations and he has learned to make the best of them.